Core Component Services

Communication is key. EY Blockchain Core Components APIs are modular, composable building blocks, designed to be easily integrated into your existing legacy systems. Our APIs can be used independently or combined to accelerate your blockchain solution development. Our mix and match services include:

Token Services without Privacy

Create digital twins of your assets in blockchain with ease. Create tokens with different token standards to support business operations and enable real time visibility across the value chain.

Token Services with Privacy

Create digital twins of your assets in blockchain with confidentiality. Add confidentiality to your digital asset journey to achieve enterprise privacy while interacting on the public blockchain. Built on top of Nightfall, our API eliminates external visibility on how your assets are moved and consumed across the value chain.

NFT Service

Create and Distribute NFT’s with ease Use our NFT API’s to create your own campaigns and NFT’s with ease. They provide simple, yet effective, management of metadata and other configurations, enhancing your NFT journey.

"Notarization" Service

Reconcile your documents in blockchain. Reconcile a proof of document and information on blockchain by using smart contracts. Our API enables users to verify against content changes on shared documents and maintain information integrity.

Smart Contract and Token Review (SC&TR)

Robust testing tool to enable enterprises to increase confidence in design, usage and deployment of blockchain-based applications. SC&TR allows users to test code, identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks in the token deployment process and the underlying code of smart contracts. Our automated analysis complements manual testing and regression testing, easily identifying any code changes during the engagement.

Private Smart Contract Deployment

Utilize private smart contracts on public blockchain to automate and enforce complex contract terms securely and confidentially. Our API integration with Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP)-based privacy solutions like Starlight, allows for the execution of contracts on public blockchains, while keeping sensitive business terms and transactions private and secure. Address Derivation: Derive blockchain wallet address with extended public keys Derive child addresses with the extended public key and derivation path.

Address Derivation

Derive blockchain wallet address with extended public keys Derive child addresses with the extended public key and derivation path.

Balance Verification

Reconcile and verify wallet balances. Extract the on-chain balance and reconcile against the off-chain records to check accuracy of wallet balances in off-chain records.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you feel any of our component services can be used for your business case, please reach out to us using the ‘Contact Us’ option. Our dedicated team looks forward talking with you so you can learn more.

Yes, depending on the use case, you can combine different core component services and use them as building blocks for your application.

We have built the APIs keeping in mind the flexibility to integrate into external systems. Please contact us if you need more information on system integration using the ‘Contact Us” form.

It depends on your business use case. If you are an enterprise and want to transact in public blockchain without giving away sensitive information, you should opt for services with privacy.

Our SC&TR solution offers most benefits when used prior to deployment, as part of the development process or to validate code before deploying a contract to the Mainnet. Once deployed, a smart contract is immutable, meaning that, in most cases, bugs and vulnerabilities cannot be fixed.

The solution covers common security vulnerabilities such as underflow or overflow, unsafe changes to smart contract state, use of deprecated or unsafe keywords, short addresses and more. We continually update our list of security tests as we progress research and development. Within every engagement, automated reviews are complemented with manual reviews by experienced subject matter resources providing full coverage of the code.

Currently Ethereum and Bitcoin networks are supported.

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